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About Artist J


At Artist J, our mission is to provide everyday people with an opportunity to express themselves in their own unique and special way.  We want to assist customers with transferring internal energy from personal thoughts and feelings into graphic art that truly communicates who they really are.  We do so by providing our customers with access to the most creative graphic art designs produced by the aspiring artist across the globe.  At Artist J, our belief is that graphic art is the best form of self-expression.  It’s how you feel when you feel it.  Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve.

Artist J: Profound Art is based out of Tampa, Florida.



So, the million dollar question, “What is Artist J, The Brand?  The Artist J brand can be a multitude of things.  It can quite easily be everything and nothing all at the same time.  It can be how you feel before or after your first cup of coffee; that’s if you drink coffee.  Simply put, Artist J is a frame of mind and a state of being.  It’s how you feel, when you feel it.  It’s that way of life when you’re feeling nice.  It’s self-expression that leads to a life’s lesson.  Artist J is a vision and what some would consider a thing of beauty.  Bottom line, Artist J is who you are and what you want to be.  Its true self-expression and creativity.  Artist J is everybody…Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve!

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Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve


Interesting fact:  The term ‘wear your heart on your sleeve’ originates from a middle age custom in which jousting knights sported the colors of the ladies they were supporting on their sleeves. The expression was first recorded in Shakespeare’s Othello in 1604 as Iago attempts to appear faithful: It is sure as you are Roderigo, were I the Moor, I would not be Iago: In following him, I follow but myself; heaven is my judge, not I for love and duty, But seeming so, for my peculiar end.  For when my outward action doth demonstrate the native act and figure of my heart in compliment extern, ‘tis not long after but I will wear my heart upon my sleeve for days to peck at.  I am not what I am.

Well, obviously, at Artist J we take it a step further.  We are realist and opportunist.  Self-expression is who we are and it doesn’t begin or end with what is represented on your sleeves.  It’s everything that you do, everything that you wear and everything that you say without saying a word.  Recognize the true meaning of the slogan and Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve!   


The love of graphic art design is what unites us.  At Artist J, we believe in the strength of numbers.  The more the artist, the more the designs.  The more the designs the better the selection.  The better the selection the bigger the customer base.  Most important, the bigger the customer base the better the opportunity for those artists who choose to join our team.  As a member of our team we offer you the opportunity to earn extra money by allowing us to sell your creativity under our brand for royalties.  With that stated, if you’re the college kid looking to earn some extra cash to pay off those pesky student loans, Artist J is the platform for you.  The return on investment (ROI) for Artist J is the delivery of a diverse selection of the best graphic art designs across the globe.  Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve.


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Mr. White is a native of New Orleans, LA.  He’s an active duty U.S. Army service member who begin service after graduating from L.W. Higgins High School in 1995.  In 2008, during a deployment to Iraq, Mr. White officially founded Artist J: Profound Art.  His motivation was based on an overabundance of creative designs Soldiers would display as forms of self-expression.  These designs, exhibited identity and unity.  They told the stories of everyday Soldiers without communicating a single word.  They motivated, invigorated, and most important, gave Soldiers a reason to keep going.  They also gave life to the Artist J brand, the platform that allows ordinary people (artist) to wear their hearts on their sleeve.  Today, Mr. White is a Chief Warrant Officer Five (CW5), possesses a Master’s of Science in Information Management Technology from Trident University International, and spearheads the premier graphic art design business in the world.  How’s that for a little dude from New Orleans, LA?!!!


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