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Returns and Refunds


At Artist J LLC we definitely aim to please our customers.  Our goal is to satisfy every customer every time for every service being provided.  In the event we miss that mark, we still aim to please our customers by honoring the most customer friendly return and refund policy in the industry.  Our policy is effective 30 days from product delivery.  After 30 days have elapsed we no longer honor our refund and returns policy and therefore WILL NOT offer a refund or exchange.

Our return policy requires that items purchased must be returned unused and in the same condition that it was received.  Depending on the item being returned, all items must be returned in original packaging.  Be advised that all items, upon return, will be thoroughly inspected for wear and tear.  Each situation will obviously be handled differently.  Anything less than the aforementioned conditions will be rendered ineligible.


Artist J LLC will provide all customers with a prepaid return shipping label.  This is only when our customers receive items that are in damaged condition or have been confirmed by Artist J LLC to be defective.  Cases that fall outside of the aforementioned criteria will ultimately become the responsibility of the customer to cover the shipping cost for returned products.  Be advised, that under no circumstances will Artist J LLC reimburse or provide credit for return shipping costs that have been incurred by the customer.  In the event that a product or service rendered is damaged or defective, the customer must coordinate with Artist J LLC to determine the best path forward in the return of defective products and services.

The Return Process:

1.  Contact Artist J LLC at the following link:  Remember, there is a 30 day window to complete this action.

2.  Ensure that you clearly articulate the reason for the return request in the message to Artist J LLC. 

3.  Ensure that you indicate the particular outcome that you seek, i.e., exchange, credit, repair, etc…

4.  Submit your request.  Someone (Me) from Artist J LLC will contact you within 24 hours.

Return Policy Options:

1.  Refund:  If you desire a refund of your money, be advised that the process usually consist of a 7-21 day turn-around.

2.  Credit:  If you desire to be reimbursed via an account credit, please understand that the normal process consists of a 24-48 hour turn-around.

3.  Exchange:  If you desire an exchange you must provide the details to what your exchange selections will consist of.  Be advised that there are restrictions to exchanges which consists of the following:

  • Dark apparel items will only be swapped for similar dark apparel style of equal or lesser value.

  • Light apparel items will only be swapped for different light apparel style of equal or lesser value.

  • Non-apparel items will only be swapped for similar non-apparel item of equal or lesser value.

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